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January 25, 2022
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Power Spring

Engineering Of Power Spring Manufacturer

Power springs, also known as recoil springs, motor springs, or clock springs, are a popular type of constant steel spring. These springs store and release torque, which is a sort of energy.

Power Spring Manufacturer can deliver a large force output while taking up very little space, and when extended, they can retain power indefinitely. As a result, power springs can be used in a wide range of applications.

We, as an authentic power spring manufacturer, can create the power springs that will best fit your demands for practically any application with this wide range of models available. 


Engineering Methods Used By Power Spring Manufacturers

If you’d like to order a custom power spring, please fill out the form below. If you are unsure of the parameters and requirements for your project, we may collaborate with you to design a custom spring that meets your demands.

We can assure you that your power springs will fulfill your requirements and specifications for any target purpose by working with our experts and using our computer software applications. This will ensure that the system runs well and lasts a long time.

Uses of a Power Spring 

Power springs are commonly utilized in several applications because they provide extended extension capabilities and steady torque. We, as power springs manufacturer, commonly employ power sources in clocks, brush springs in motors, balancing springs in window sashes, and carriage return springs in typewriters,

Below are a few common uses of Power springs the following applications:

  • Motors that work mechanically
  • Gardening tools
  • Mechanisms of counterbalance
  • Return of the reel
  • Rewinding machines


The power spring is coiled from a steel strip. A spring box is required to limit its outer diameter. The center of the spring is connected to the shaft. When an external force is applied to make the shaft and the spring rotates relative to each other, the spring will be wound on the shaft and stored Torsion, when the external force disappears; the spring generates torsion on the shaft or spring box.


Product inventory
All Products
O.D. +/- 10%
Life Cycles
1 0.18 13.0 2500 50.0 50000 cycles
2 0.22 12.0 2500 50.4 50000 cycles
3 0.22 12.6 2500 50.4 50000 cycles
4 0.23 13.0 2500 50.0 50000 cycles
5 0.25 12.0 2500 58.0 50000 cycles
6 0.25 10.0 1500 36.0 50000 cycles
7 0.28 12.0 2500 58.0 30000 cycles
8 0.30 10.0 1500 38.0 30000 cycles
9 0.33 17.0 2008 40.5 30000 cycles
10 0.33 13.0 2000 57.8 30000 cycles
11 0.35 10.4 2000 57.8 30000 cycles
12 0.40 10.4 2000 57.8 30000 cycles
13 0.40 13.0 2000 57.8 30000 cycles


Power springs are divided into natural power springs and pre-stressed power springs according to their relaxed shape. In contrast, the Pre-stressed power spring can store 25% to 55% more torque and provide more effective turns.


Function+ Applications:

Qiany has innovated and developed a power spring for pen-type drug injector applications. Powered by Ming Tai’s innovative spring technology, precision pen-type drug injectors feature a strong performance, the force profile of the power spring can precisely match the typical syringe glide force profile.

Power Spring Manufacturer

Retractable Dog Leash


Lots of automotive parts have a power spring embedded into the mechanism to improve safety and convenience. Seat belts are one example of a critical auto part that has a constant force spring embedded into its mechanism. The device allows for flexible retrieval and automatic retraction of a seat belt to conveniently keep passengers both secure and comfortable.

Power spring features retractable function, it is the ideal component to apply on gravity dissipater for fall arrester, which is attached between the harness and an anchoring point. The task of a fall arrester is to stop a fall as quickly as possible. The gravity dissipater of the fall arrester secures the user’s body from impact in the event of a fall even when the power spring is fully unwound.